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Trueline is the leader in West for basketball court installation. In the last 30 years, we have installed and resurfaced more than 10,000 sports courts, including indoor and outdoor basketball courts. We serve homeowners, schools, municipalities, sports facilities, and more with a range of customizable hard court systems. As one of the leading basketball court installation companies in the Western U.S., you can trust Trueline for dependable, beautiful court systems that exceed your expectations.

At Trueline, we do it all:

  • Hard maple Indoor basketball court installation

  • Acrylic outdoor basketball court installation

  • Half court basketball installation

  • Custom home basketball court installation

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Types of Basketball

Courts We Install

From half to full courts, indoor and outdoor, we have you covered. Trueline has decades of experience installing all types of basketball courts, including indoor and outdoor hard court systems. Our basketball court installers will work with you to determine the best basketball court surface for your needs and budget. Along with personalized basketball court surfaces, we also offer basketball court construction from the ground up.

indoor basketball court installation
Indoor Basketball Courts
For indoor basketball court installation, you have two primary surface options: hardwood or a multi-layer acrylic system. Both have their own advantages. Wood flooring such as maple wood delivers a traditional look and feel since the very first game of basketball was played on a maple floor. Maple is well suited to basketball thanks to its tight graining but it does require maintenance. Acrylic basketball courts are easier to maintain and reduce player fatigue with a softer surface, especially if you choose a cushioned basketball court.
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Outdoor Basketball Courts
LFor outdoor basketball court installation, a multi-layer acrylic court system is the leading choice. Acrylic hard court surfaces are easy to maintain and deliver vibrant, fade-resistant color for years to come. Acrylic surfaces also feature a non-skid surface that withstands the elements. Depending on your budget and preference, we can use a cushioned basketball court system with rubberized layers. Cushioned basketball courts have some give yet the performance of a hard surface to reduce player fatigue and knee strain and absorb the shock of a fall.
half court basketball installation
Basketball Half Courts
A full-size basketball court isn’t always necessary to enjoy a fun, competitive game. Half court basketball installation is a popular money- and space-saving solution for municipalities, HOAs, homeowners, and more. While a full-size basketball court for a high school, for example, is 84 feet by 50 feet, a half court is just 42 feet by 50 feet with one hoop, a single free throw line, and a three-point arc with all of the main dimensions of the key and paint areas.

Stages of Basketball

Court Installation

Designing and building your custom basketball court is done in stages

basketball court installation
Design & Build Foundation
The first stage of basketball court installation is designing the court and building the structure or foundation. For outdoor courts, you can choose between asphalt and concrete. Asphalt is the more affordable option with easier installation but concrete tends to last longer with less maintenance. If you have an existing slab to transform into a basketball court, we will perform any necessary repairs to the surface including leveling and crack repair.
home basketball court installation
Basketball Court Installation
The next phase involves applying a multi-layer acrylic basketball court surface to your concrete or asphalt. Trueline uses only trusted, premium brands of acrylic sports court coatings with anywhere from three to five or more layers for longevity, safety, and playability. Cushioned basketball hard courts are considered the ultimate hard court system and play slower than standard hard courts with far better shock absorption. We offer a range of color options as well including custom colors.
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Line Marking & Equipment
The final stage of building your new basketball court is installing posts, backboards, and nets as well as line marking. We use quality acrylic emulsion basketball court paint and laser guided technology to clearly mark playing lines for your half court or full court. Your court markings offer the same skid-resistance, UV resistance, and durability as the playing surface.

Custom Basketball Court Installation

No matter your budget or goals, Trueline has a solution to deliver the quality and playability you need from your new basketball court. Call us today for a free quote!

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Why Choose Trueline?

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The leading basketball court installation company in the Western U.S.

Whether you’re interested in basic home basketball court installation to enjoy games with the family or you’re investing in a new full court for your facility or school, Trueline is your top choice for quality and dependable results. We have decades of experience and have installed and resurfaced more than 10,000 hard court surfaces across Southern California and Arizona since the 1990s. Even our foremen have an average of ten years experience on the job.

Trust your basketball court installation project to the pros at Trueline for trusted products, skilled installation, and a quality guarantee against flaws like fading, discoloration, and chalking.