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Whether your existing tennis court is in need of some attention or you’re installing a new hard court, the sports court experts at Trueline are here to help. We have decades of experience installing multi-layer tennis court systems, sometimes called tennis court paint, and finishing with tennis court line painting.

We use only trusted premium tennis court paint systems like SportMaster, Laykold, and Plexipave to deliver a long-lasting and superior playing surface. If you’re building a new indoor or outdoor tennis court or you need reliable tennis court resurfacing contractors to renovate an aging court, Trueline strives to be your first choice.

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Give your aging tennis court new life and improved playability Tennis court systems are acrylic-based, multi-layer systems often mistaken for paint as they are applied as a liquid. If your existing tennis hard court is showing signs of wear and tear, resurfacing with a new court system is a good solution to give your court a fresh look, better playability, and improved shock absorption to improve comfort for players. Here are the steps we take to refurbish your hard sports court.

Surface Repairs & Preparation
Before applying a new tennis court paint system to an existing hard court, we will carefully examine your asphalt or concrete surface for signs of damage. Long-lasting, smooth results require a flat surface free of cracks, low spots, or high areas. We will repair and reinforce cracks and fill depressions and low areas for better playability and to stop water accumulation that can damage your acrylic tennis court coating. Any delaminated material will also be repaired before the entire surface is recoated.
Tennis Court Installation
A tennis court system isn’t just paint although it does look like thick paint when applied. Our quality tennis court systems feature five layers that protect your concrete or asphalt, add a safe surface texture, and absorb shock for improved comfort for players. We offer many tennis court surfaces to choose from to deliver a resilient hard court with vibrant color and the cushion of a soft court. The surface you choose will be applied to your prepared asphalt or concrete in several coats to support medium- to fast-paced play.
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Line Marking
Once your new tennis court installation is complete, we finish your tennis court with line marking. Our experienced tennis court painting contractors apply crisp, white playing lines to U.S. Tennis Association specifications with laser guided technology for perfect results. We can paint new lines or overmark existing lines if your tennis court just needs a little attention. We use high-quality acrylic emulsion paint that’s fortified with a fine sand to create a surface texture similar to your playing surface.

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Standard Hard Tennis Courts
Standard tennis court installation for a hard court involves applying around three layers of acrylic-based coatings to your asphalt or concrete surface. This delivers a hard-working and playable surface that can withstand UV degradation and exposure to the elements. A hard acrylic court resurfacing system requires very little regular maintenance which makes it popular for condominiums, schools, municipalities, and private courts. The downside is this type of tennis court construction is hard on the body as it won’t absorb shock. The speed of play can be very high and the surface will reflect heat.
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Cushioned Tennis Courts
Cushioned tennis court installation delivers a medium-hard surface that performs like a hard court with the give of a soft court. This optional upgrade is installed with more layers than a standard hard acrylic surface using fine rubberized granules applied over the asphalt or concrete. These rubberized sub-surfaces absorb impact and shock to provide a more comfortable playing experience while supporting medium to fast pace of play. Like a standard hard court, a cushioned acrylic tennis court system requires very little maintenance for years to come.
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Customized Appearance
Trueline uses a range of premium tennis court systems with dozens of options in terms of color and performance. We make it easy to choose the color coating to fit your facility. You can choose inside and outside court surface colors and even line colors with a range of options available. We can even support custom colors for school or facility branding. Contact us to explore the many options available for your new tennis court surface!

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We realize you have many options when searching for tennis court painting contractors near me. At Trueline, we strive to be a step above the rest with dependable tennis court painting service backed by decades of experience and only the best tennis court resurfacing products.

Trueline Construction & Resurfacing, Inc. has served Arizona and Southern California since 1991 with tennis court resurfacing, tennis court design and installation, and tennis court painting. We have resurfaced over 10,000 game courts in the Western United States with a track record of reliable, beautiful results

Trueline is the largest tennis court resurfacing company in the Western United States. Our team arrives to each project with a commitment to excellence and an average of 10 years experience. We also stand behind our work with a warranty against issues like fading, chalking, adherence failure, and discoloration for your peace of mind.