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Is your indoor or outdoor basketball court showing its age? No one wants to play on a worn-out court. At Trueline, we have decades of experience installing and resurfacing basketball courts and other hard court surfaces. We combine our expertise with top-rated resurfacing products like SportMaster to deliver a new, dependable playing surface that lasts for years.

Trueline has resurfaced and installed more than 10,000 courts in the last 25 years alone. Our basketball court installers can help you choose the right solution to give you a beautiful new court depending on where it’s installed, your budget, and the condition of your current court surface.

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We can refinish any basketball court to give it new life
For decades, Trueline has installed and resurfaced basketball courts across the Western U.S. We have experience refinishing all types of basketball hard courts including indoor courts, outdoor courts, half courts, and residential basketball courts.

Your basketball court is a major investment and you want to be sure the resurfacing is done right. Trust the experts at Trueline to transform your peeling, faded, or cracked basketball court into a court you’ll love to show off with a price to fit your budget.

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Basketball Court Cleaning & Repairs
Depending on the condition of your basketball court, it may not need to be resurfaced. Pressure washing can remove years of algae, moss, and grime that makes the playing surface dangerous or merely an eyesore. Your court may also require occasional repairs between resurfacing to maintain its performance and appearance. After a heavy rain, watch for puddles or standing on your court. If the water is more than 2mm deep, it should be repaired with an acrylic binder the fills in the low spot to prevent deterioration of your basketball court surface.
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Indoor Basketball Court Resurfacing
Indoor basketball courts don’t have to face UV rays, rain, and debris like outdoor courts. Still, there are still indoor conditions that can accelerate damage to the coating and pose challenges during indoor basketball court resurfacing. One of the biggest challenges is evaporation as the facility must have excellent ventilation to prevent water from being trapped in the environment and slowing down the drying process. This can lead to a marbled effect. At Trueline, we have decades of experience installing and resurfacing indoor hard courts for reliable results that last an average of eight years.
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Outdoor Basketball Court Resurfacing
Outdoor basketball courts are subjected to the elements day and night. Debris and grit can lead to surface cracks over time while constant exposure to the elements can cause the system to eventually break down and fade. Trueline offers skilled outdoor basketball court resurfacing to install a new coating on your court for many more years of worry-free use and playability

How We Resurface

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Our multi-step approach restores function and beauty to your basketball court

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Before your aging basketball court can be resurfaced, we perform necessary repairs to your damaged asphalt or concrete surface. A new basketball court surface can’t be applied over low spots, cracks, and deteriorating sections of asphalt. We will repair and reinforce cracks and fill depressions and low spots to improve playability of your court and eliminate water accumulation in the case of an outdoor court. We may also remove high spots or simply repair a delaminated material before applying a new coating.
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After repairs, it’s time to revitalize your basketball court with a new, premium-grade basketball court surface. We use trusted brands like SportMaster to create a playable, attractive, and long-lasting surface. Our line of basketball court resurfacing products are available in a huge selection of colors to improve the safety and playability of your court. We can help you choose the right system for outdoor or indoor basketball court resurfacing for years of worry-free enjoyment. The final stage after your new surface is installed is adding playing lines.
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Cushioned Systems
Give your tired basketball court an upgrade with a cushioned basketball court system. Popular for indoor and outdoor basketball courts, cushioned basketball court resurfacing systems are made with at least five layers, including rubber cushioned layers that absorb shock and reduce impact. Cushioned basketball courts have the same performance and durability but with improved playability and player comfort. Your new basketball court will feel just like a traditional court with more give.

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Don’t let inexperienced resurfacers or “basketball court painters” damage the integrity of your hard court with inferior products or inexperienced installation techniques. Call the basketball court resurfacing experts at Trueline for a free quote today.

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The right basketball court resurfacing product makes all the difference in delivering a court that doesn’t just look great; it supports playability, protects your concrete or asphalt, and is easy to maintain.

Trueline uses premium basketball court surfaces like SportMaster that last around 8 years between resurfacing with optional rubber cushioned layers to reduce player fatigue. Our acrylic basketball court systems are cost-effective and require minimal maintenance. Our basketball court installers can help you choose the best system for your aesthetic goals and budget.

We combine the best basketball court resurfacing products with decades of hands-on experience. We have installed and resurfaced more than 10,000 hard court surfaces across the Western U.S. including both indoor and outdoor courts for high schools, universities, sports facilities, municipalities, and homeowners.

Even our foremen have 10 years’ average experience to deliver results you can count on. We’ll work within your budget and we back our work with a quality guarantee against discoloration, fading, and chalking for 2 to 3 years.