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No one wants to play on a faded, cracked tennis court. If your court has seen better days, our tennis court resurfacing contractors can make it like new again with a two-phase process that involves repairing the concrete or asphalt structure before applying a new acrylic coating.

Even a well-designed and properly installed tennis court will eventually show its age with stubborn stains, cracks, and damage. By resurfacing your tennis court every 5 to 8 years, you can restore not only your court’s appearance but also its playability.

At Trueline Construction & Surfacing, Inc., we deliver beautiful and reliable resurfacing results to breathe fresh life into your hard court. It’s time to say goodbye to your brittle and ugly court surface and welcome in new possibilities!

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Premium Tennis

Court Systems

Professional-grade tennis court surfacing systems designed to last Truline uses only premium tennis court systems that deliver unmatched appearance, performance, and playability. Not sure which product to use? Our tennis court painting contractors in San Diego can recommend the right product for your needs.

Tennis Court Paint
Plexipave is a family of premium cushioned tennis resurfacing systems to improve the longevity, texture, and performance of your tennis hard court. Plexipave is a time-tested solution featuring up to six layers of acrylic cushion with EPDM cushioning that provides superior shock-absorbing properties and a variety of no-glare color options.
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Laykold tennis court resurfacing systems are a top choice for premier tennis facilities, including the Miami Open. Laykold’s family of tennis court systems includes hard court and cushioned court solutions with two systems made from recycled tennis balls. Laykold surfaces offer excellent UV and abrasion resistance with a factory-finished top coat.
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SportMaster is one of the leading manufacturers of tennis court paint, repair products, and tennis court resurfacers. This 100% acrylic tennis court coating is ideal for indoor and outdoor use with excellent resistance to the elements and UV degradation. SportMaster’s 100% water-based acrylic surfaces also have low VOC levels with a low solar reflective index for a cooler surface and reduced heat island effect.

Steps for Resurfacing

Concrete Tennis Courts

We use a two-step approach to bring your aging tennis court back to life

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Structural Repairs
Tennis court resurfacing systems applied to a cracked or damaged concrete or asphalt surface are bound to fail prematurely. To deliver beautiful and long-lasting results, we start with a thorough repair process. Cracks are repaired and reinforced then low spots or depressions are filled to improve playability. This also eliminates water accumulation on the surface that can damage the acrylic coating over time. Any other repairs like high spot removal or repairing delaminated court material will also be performed before beginning the resurfacing.
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Tennis Court Resurfacing
Once the surface is prepared, your hard court is treated with a tennis court paint system that seals voids, adds a surface texture, and protects the asphalt or concrete. Trueline uses a range of tennis court resurfacing systems that enhance the safety, appearance, and playability of your court with a bright color scheme. Our tennis court painting service finishes the look with crisp white playing lines to U.S. Tennis Association specifications.
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Cushioned Tennis Courts
An optional upgrade for your tennis court is a cushioned tennis court surface. Cushioned tennis court resurfacing systems add a layer of rubber cushion to reduce impact and absorb shock while offering the same durability and performance you expect on the court. Most cushioned tennis court products contain 5 layers of rubberized particles that are applied after repairs and before the final color surface. The final result is a tennis court that feels like a traditional tennis court yet softer and easier on players.

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Trueline Construction & Surfacing, Inc. has proudly served Southern California and Arizona since 1991 with high-quality tennis court surfaces, hard court resurfacing, basketball and tennis court painting, and other game court surfacing solutions. In nearly 30 years, we have refurbished more than 10,000 game courts throughout Arizona and California with a commitment to using only premium, trusted tennis court resurfacing products and skilled, licensed tennis court resurfacing contractors.

Don’t trust your hard court refurbishing to just anyone. Trueline is the largest and most trusted game court surfacing company in the Western U.S. with a combined 10 years of experience among our foremen. Our tennis court resurfacing comes backed by a warranty against discoloration, chalking, fading, and improper adherence for your protection.

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