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Pickleball is played on a badminton-sized court that’s smaller than a tennis court, allowing several courts and more players in the same amount of space. Pickleball is now one of the fastest-growing sports across the United States with pickleball courts popping up in parks, schools, retirement communities, and sports facilities throughout the West.

Do you have an indoor or outdoor pickleball court that’s showing its age? Do you want to convert a tennis court into a pickleball court? Turn to Trueline for cost-effective pickleball court resurfacing solutions that can transform your court with better playability and aesthetics while addressing issues like standing water and high areas. We offer a range of resurfacing options to fit your budget and aesthetic goals with top-rated products that can take your game to the next level.

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Pickleball Court Resurfacing Solutions

Breathe new life into your aging hard court

Trueline has resurfaced and installed more than 10,000 game courts across the West. We serve homeowners, schools, sports facilities, HOAs, municipalities, and more with reliable pickleball court construction and resurfacing. Whether you have a home pickleball court that’s seen better days or you’re investing in resurfacing a large multi-court surface, you can count on our experienced resurfacing technicians for beautiful results and superior performance.

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Tennis to Pickleball Court Conversion
A growing number of facilities and homeowners are turning their tennis courts into pickleball courts as the popularity of the sport explodes. Trueline can easily convert your existing acrylic tennis court to a pickleball court with resurfacing. Depending on the dimensions of your hard court, we can convert a tennis court into two or four pickleball courts. This will involve resurfacing your existing hard court coating, installing new pickleball posts, and capping off the tennis post sockets.
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Indoor Pickleball Court Resurfacing
While indoor hard court surfaces aren’t exposed to UV rays and rain, they still experience damage due to humidity problems, frequent use, and debris that can be ground into the surface by players. When it comes to indoor pickleball court installation or resurfacing, it’s important to work with the experts as your facility must be ventilated properly to dry the coating. Inexperienced indoor acrylic hard court installation can cause permanent marbling and other defects.
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Outdoor Pickleball Court Resurfacing
Is your outdoor hard court showing signs of wear like peeling, fading, or cracks? No one wants to play on an eyesore court — especially when it has lost its safe anti-slip texture and doesn’t support good playability. Trueline resurfaces outdoor pickleball courts with state-of-the-art acrylic court coatings that can be applied to concrete and asphalt systems. Depending on the condition of your court, your existing system may need to be stripped before repairs can be made so we can install a high-performance, multi-layer acrylic court system

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Resurfacing Process

We use a multi-step approach to refinish even the most worn-out courts

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Repairing Your Court
We begin every hard court resurfacing process with careful repairs of the playing surface. Depending on the condition and age of your system, it may be necessary to completely strip the old playing surface to perform repairs to the concrete or asphalt. We will repair any deteriorating areas as well as cracks. Low spots or depressions will be filled to improve your court’s playability and prevent standing water that can accelerate damage.
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Resurfacing Your Court
The next stage of refinishing your pickleball court is applying a new, high-grade acrylic coating system. At Trueline, we use trusted sports surfaces like SportMaster to deliver a long-lasting, beautiful, and playable game surface. We offer a large selection of resurfacing products and an array of colors to customize the look, feel, and performance of your refinished pickleball court. Our technicians can help you decide which type of game surface is right for your indoor or outdoor court and falls within your budget. The last step is adding the playing lines to your new court surface.
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Optional Cushioned Systems
One of the greatest advancements in hard court surfaces is the development of cushioned sports surfaces. Our cushioned pickleball court systems can be installed on indoor or outdoor courts using a minimum of five layers. In addition to the standard acrylic coatings, these systems incorporate rubberized cushioned layers to reduce impact and absorb shock. Players love cushioned sports surfaces because the support lower-speed play with the same performance and improved comfort.

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Whether you own a private pickleball court or manage a large sports facility, your hard court represents a major investment. When it’s time to resurface your pickleball courts, don’t trust just anyone who advertises “pickleball court painting” but lacks the expertise or uses the wrong products.

Trueline has resurfaced and installed more than 10,000 game courts across the Western United States with more than 30 years of experience. Even our foremen have an average 10 years’ experience to give you the best possible value and long-lasting results. We know what works and what doesn’t with the experience necessary to avoid mistakes that can lead to marbling, application lines, or chalking.

We install and resurface pickleball courts for schools, sports facilities, municipalities, HOAs, and homeowners and back our work with a 2-3 year guarantee against issues like chalking, fading, and discoloration for your peace of mind.