Everything you need to know

about tennis court installation

Tennis Court
Building a new court is something you do when you love the game! Having a tennis court means you can have friends and family join you for the right and what better way to enjoy your court than with neighbors, family, friends, and guests. Below are some “need to know” considerations before you embark on a new court journey, regardless if it a residential commercial court, there are guidelines that must be followed.
Zoning isn’t a suggestion
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Zoning can change your ability to even make your court into a reality. There are different restrictions for every county and state and even more restrictions when it concerns private neighborhoods and property lines. Some fences, zones, lighting, and landscapes are simply forbidden because of the possibility of something going wrong in that area that may not be common in other areas like rain, runoff, and so on. Find out the restrictions near you before you even go further in planning your new court.
Measuring isn’t just for aesthetics
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We don’t just measure areas and items when we are redesigning our homes or offices, we need to measure our courts and have drawn out plans to avoid possible property disputes and issues with functionality. Having an equal and sound court is simply a good idea for longterm use and safety.
Materials change the game
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There are numerous amounts of different court materials that will completely change your tennis game experience. Knowing the maintenance cost of the material you’re looking for is important as well as how long and how different said material will be to install is a key factor in whether or not you should use that material.
The net
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The posts and the nets that are installed are what make a tennis court recognizable to most people. The best types of tennis nets are the ones with ground sleeves because when you’re done playing you can cover and seal them off from outside exposures.
Fencing and lighting
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Having a fence is great when you’re trying to keep your balls in and keep strangers out. Fencing is a quality that needs to be added once the entire installment has been completed. Windscreens are fantastic additions to your fences which prevent the tennis balls from getting stuck inside of the fence’s openings. Lighting is pretty straightforward, without proper lighting injury is possible once the sun is down and it can also be a safety use to where the lights keep the courts visible and free of strangers.

The cost of installing a court is not simple because many different factors need to be met. Follow these simple rules to get started.