How to properly care for your

game courts during winter

game courts during winter
Exposed courts undergo extreme trauma during the seasonal changes’ we humans love so much. Why? Because the materials that make up our courts undergo chemical reactions that alter their ability to serve their purpose properly if they are not cared for regularly. Our courts need preventive care and here are some suggestions on how to do just that:
  • Windscreens will tear! Make sure when the day is over and there aren’t any more games taking place, remove your screens to avoid any damage. Lower the amount of wear and tear you expose them too and you will be able to save a lot of money!
  • Don’t leave your tennis nets so high! If the weather is causing some change of heart and it turns out you won’t be playing as often, lower the nets to avoid any damages.
  • Always keep extra debris off of your court. Branches, dirt, and other kinds of debris can result in serious and eye-catching stains, harmful bacteria, and even different types of fungal growth.
  • Never wait on a stain. If you notice a stain be proactive in your choices to remove it. Your court will hold onto the stain if it is not removed quickly and will require much more attention and resources to do it later rather than sooner.
  • Cracks and holes continue to grow if they aren’t taken care of properly. Cracks can lead to extremely dangerous surfaces that no one will want to play on and holes are dangerous for anyone and everyone who walks or runs on your court. Don’t want until snow or cold weather where the shrinkage becomes worse, tend to those issues before the weather changes completely.