The various types of

tennis court systems

The various types of tennis court systems
Who knew that there could be so many different types of tennis courts? The number of tennis courts and their different functions exceeds the different types of most sports courts. This sport that is played intensely by both armatures and professionals has different types of surfaces so that everyone around the world can enjoy the sport in any way they’d like. So, what are the different courts?
Grass Tennis Courts
Tennis Court
Even though this is a very uncommon type of court it is the oldest type of court. These courts were used first in the very late 1800s and into the US Open in the mid-1970s. Their popularity in recent years has plummeted because it is expensive to maintain and the surface is easy to damage.
Clay Tennis Courts
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These courts are typically made of some type of crushed stone or brick, notably seen during the French Open. Clay Courts are quite common all over the world, except in the United States, probably because the games on these courts are said to drag on. The games are never-ending because the balls shot back and forth and easier to respond to by the opposite player. It is noted that professionals who play on Clay courts have learned new skills that other players do not have, which is a great advantage!
Har-Tru Tennis Courts
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This is made from billion-year-old metabasalt and is known for being a “fast dry” surface. These courts have a great quality of never cracking. You will never have to wonder or worry about sitting water with these courts due to their highly porous surfaces!

Hard Tennis Courts
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A hard-court is an asphalt or concrete layer that has been covered with acrylic material and lines added to the surface. These decks are fast playing surfaces because the speed of the bounce is incredible without any opposing friction from the surface itself. These are the most popular and common in the United States.